This ‘Transgender Awareness’ training is ideally to be delivered to a maximum of 25 delegates. It is a general ‘Transgender Awareness’ session that will provide participants with an introduction to transgender identities, what it means to be transgender and how best to support transgender young people. The course will consider some of the barriers and challenges that young transgender people face and look at language use and how this affects young transgender communities. The course also outlines the NHS Care Pathway for young transgender people and identifies the laws around supporting the transgender community and individuals. The course is designed to be both informative and educational whilst also requiring delegate participation also. Each participant will be required to complete session evaluation forms and on conclusion of the session will be provided with a certificate of attendance. 

Learning objectives for the session include: 

● Greater knowledge around the differences between sex and gender and sexual orientation and gender identity

● Basic awareness of the transgender care pathway

● Greater awareness of the barriers and challenges that young transgender people face

● A knowledge of your legal obligations to support young transgender people

● Top-tips and good practice guidance for supporting young transgender people 

In 2015 /2016, the Centre trained over 100 people with this session and of the 109 people trained on average, they rated 9.6/10 that the workshop or training had increased their knowledge of transgender identity. Furthermore, they rated 8.9/10 in agreeing they felt more confident about working with or supporting young transgender people because of the session.

Feedback from delegates has been very positive including: 

"I thought there was a great balance between listening to information and interactive activities. This maximised concentration and allowed me to reflect on my previous knowledge, whilst incorporating new information." 

"I liked the frank discussion element, where there were open and honest exchanges between people as I feel it becomes much easier to make progress when being honest and open"

"Great training. Made things very clear. Thanks a lot."

"Great training leader. … Good energy and enthusiasm."


This training session are intended for delivery to up to 20 delegates at your own venue at a Cost of £425 plus travel costs.

For further information and a full proposal contact us through the email address at or call us at 0116 2547412