At this years' GLBTA Day, the marvellous people from GE Leicester's GLBTA Alliance have been soaking their management team with sponges to fundraise money for Leicester LGBT Centre. We would like to thank them and Matthew and Ed in particular for their generous contribution and hardwork in supporting the work at the Centre. 

During the day, the Rainbow flag was hoisted outside and people were invited to wear bright t-shirts to celebrate diversity. Please have a look at the photos of Matthew, Ed and their colleagues at GE and see the fun they had while raising over £500 for the Centre.  Thank you!

 What is GBLTA Alliance? 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Alliance (GLBTA) is focused on creating a more inclusive environment for all employees at GE, and promoting the company's commitment to developing GLBT talent around the world. GLBT employees and their allies connect through regional and global events to discuss and raise awareness about GLBT issues and engage GE's senior leadership.

Thank you!

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