Today marks Intersex Day of Remembrance 2016, with the aim of raising awareness  around the challenges and issues faced by members of the Intersex community.

This date also remembers the birthday of Herculine Barbin, who in the 19th Century France was born and raised a girl, but was later reassigned, after medical examination, as male, and forced to live as a man. Barbin would go on to commit suicide at the age of 30, just one victim of medically and socially imposed norms, and the lack of understanding of Intersex people.

Intersex people face many issues, including lack of visibility and understanding including from the medical profession, lack of bodily autonomy and non-consensual interventions to modify sex anatomy, hidden medical files, and the violence of the imposition of the binary sex system, among others. Click here for more information about the Intersex community.

'We are real we exist'

As the 'Public Statement by the Third International Intersex Forum' states, introducing the demands of the Intersex community: 'We affirm that intersex people are real, and we exist in all regions and all countries around the world. Thus, intersex people must be supported to be the drivers of social, political and legislative changes that concern them'.