LUTheatre (Leicester University Theatre) present a new interpretation of William Shakespeare's Antony + Cleopatra, in association with and supporting the Leicester LGBT Centre.


Antony is king of an empire, Roem International™, dealing in Trade and Real Estate all over the globe. Cleopatra, a successful club owner and drag star in the heart of Egypt: it's Queen. In her club 'Alexandria' they conduct their love affair.

While Cleopatra provides a vibrant haven for the closeted Antony, he in turn protecting her from her debtors; the landlords at Rome International™. But with Antony absent, Rome Grows impatient, and the skirmishes which grow inside the company threaten their security and their love. 

In this reimagining, Egypt and Rome become Soho and the business world of 90's London. A tale of two worlds colliding, Shakespeare's famous tragedy for a modern audience. 

Come along and enjoy this burlesque and drag experience at Queens Hall,  Percy Gee Building, Leicester University Students Union on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December. Doors 7pm.

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