The Great British Public is set to star in a new Channel 4 prime time documentary series called ‘Born On’.  The 4x1 hour series will tell the shared history of Britain through the individual stories of its people. Each programme will feature three different people from contrasting backgrounds who were all born on a single day.  Through interviews, photos, archive film and music, each programme will tell their life stories in the context of the big events of the day - from post-war austerity to the Swinging Sixties. The programme producers, Outline Productions, are seeking people born on these three dates:

  • 26th September 1939
  • 7th March 1944
  • 29th December 1946

Series Producer Mary Crisp says ‘the people born on this day will have fascinating memories. They will have experienced rationing, danced to Bill Haley and Elvis, lived through the Cold War. So if anyone out there shares one of these birthdates, or perhaps they have have a dad, an auntie or grandma who does, then we’d like to hear from them.’

Anyone born on one of these days, whatever their personal story and whether they were born in the UK or not, is being asked to contact the Born On team by calling 0207 424 7643 (leaving a name and number), emailing or visiting our Facebook page at These initial conversations will be for research purposes only, and at this stage there’s no commitment to take part in the programme. 

The series, due to air in 2016, has been commissioned by Rob Coldsteam, C4 Commissioner for Specialist Factual. It is based on the series ‘Datoen’, which has been a smash hit in Norway, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Outline Productions’ MD Laura Mansfield says ‘we fell in love with the format when we first saw it, and so did Channel 4. We think it’s going to be must-see viewing for British audiences.’ Executive Producer Bridget Boseley adds, ‘we’ve seen lots of  history series in recent years, but Born On is a bit different. It puts ordinary people at its heart, and allows them to tell their own stories.’

It is now possible to visit 'Born On' on social media; please visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for additional information.

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