What’s Purple Prose?

Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain is a book about all the different aspects of life as a bisexual person. We talk about definitions, stereotypes, coming out and dating. We talk about being bisexual and disabled, being a bisexual of colour, being non-monogamous, and being bisexual in different religions. We talk about other minority sexualities such as pansexuality and asexuality. We talk about being trans and genderqueer. We look at bisexuality in the workplace and in fiction. We talk about what to do next.

Basically, we think we’ve given the subject of bisexuality a pretty thorough looking at.

And who are you exactly?

We are a group of bi activists and writers: Marcus Morgan of the Bisexual Index, author of Rewriting The Rules Meg John Barker, therapist and former Diva agony auntRonete Cohen, campaigner Milena Popova, author and journalist Symon Hill, and many more.


What’s in it? 

Articles, experiences, interviews, anecdotes, guides, poetry, cartoons. Definitions, labels, coming out stories, staying in stories. Bisexuals who are trans, poly, disabled, genderqueer, of colour, monogamous etc. Fictional bisexuals, addressing the stereotypes, allies, activism, cake… (possibly not actual cake).


Who’s it aimed at?

Anyone interested in the subject, but especially people just coming out or just thinking about getting involved in the bi community. Also the partners, parents, friends and families of bi people, and straight/gay allies. The idea is to be accessible, interesting, and useful.


Who’s it being published by?

It’s being published by the US-based independent publishers Thorntree Press, and it will come out in autumn 2016. Have a look at our crowdfunding campaign – the rewards are fantastic.