Gay Twitter

Twitter took a bold stance against discriminatory anti-LGBT laws that have been introduced in over 20 states in the USA. Twitter tweeted, “We’re disappointed to see state bills that enshrine discrimination. These bills are unjust and bad for business. We support #EqualityForAll.”

Twitter is among a variety of other major companies including Apple, PayPal, Wal Mart, Yelp and Salesforce, who are taking a stand against these vicious laws nationwide.

Since Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” into law last week, corporations, as well as civil rights leaders and LBGT advocates and allies, have taken to Twitter to condemn this discriminatory law. A similar law awaits the Governor’s signature in Arkansas.

Currently, there are more than 85 anti-LGBT bills in 28 state legislatures in the USA.