Trevor Thomas was a multi-talented individual, who became Curator-Director of the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery in 1940-46.  He may be best remembered for instigating the first Museum's lunchtime concerts during the summer of 1943, but he ought to be most remembered for organising the first major exhibition in Britain of  in 1944 in Leicester - not an easy task in the middle of a war with Germany. However his most controversial moment came in July 1946 when he was dismissed from his post following an appearance in court charged with a public indecency offence - being gay in 1940s Britain meant dismissal from your job at least and imprisonment at worst.

This year Leicester City Council has recognised the valuable contributions which Trevor had made during his time in Leicester.  Government cannot undo the damage that was done to Trevor and countless other men and women in Britain as a result of its anti-gay legislation, however this is one small token of society's movement toward reparation.

In collaboration with Leicester LGBT Centre, a yearly award has been established in his honour - the Trevor Thomas Prize.

An artist will be awarded the prize on Friday, 13 March at 5.15pm at Newark Houses Museum.  Dennis Bradley, Project Manager, Leicester LGBT Centre will present the prize on behalf of the Centre and Leicester City.  Everyone is welcome to attend, however must have an invite, which you can acquire from the Centre.