LLGBT Logo Final

This year the AGM will take place on Tuesday, 11 December from 7pm at Leicester LGBT Centre, 15 Wellington Street, Leicester LE1 6HH. The Agenda of the AGM is:

  • To approve and if thought fit, adopt the financial accounts for the year ended 31 March 2014,
  • To consider ordinary reports of the Chief Executive Officer and Finance Manager,
  • To fix the remuneration of the Auditors,
  • To elect ordinary members of the Board of Directors, and
  • To conduct other business as permitted according to the Constitution and Bylaws.

Please note:

The Board of Directors, Leicester LGBT Centre, have defined membership for the organisation. The right to vote during the AGM and at other events which may take place from time to time requires members to pay of fee of £5 by 7pm on 11 December 2014. Alternatively you can also pay £5 at our registered office (15 Wellington Street, Leicester LE1 6HH) during office hours prior to 11 December.  Guests are invited to attend, however may not vote.  If you are interested in standing as a member of the Board of Directors, please contact the Centre for further details.