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Official response of NHS England to Healthwatch England's escalation around gender identity services.

Message from Healthwatch Liverpool:

'Having been kind enough to pass us your opinion /experience of the NHS Pathway for Gender Identity or helping us to get this feedback from others, I would like to update you on what happened next. We forwarded on the feedback that we received to Healthwatch England. This was collated together with feedback received from other Healthwatches around the country and submitted to NHS England as an ‘Escalation’. This means that NHS England had to consider the feedback and reply to it. We and Healthwatch England would be interested to hear your thoughts about this. In addition, if you live outside of Liverpool and are not already in contact with your local Healthwatch I would strongly suggest that you do so and share with them feedback that you have on any other health or care services that you are in contact with. You can find details of any local Healthwatch here.  Feedback from the public is essential to our work. Once again, many thanks for your time in sharing your comments with us on this issue.'