Transgender Care Pathway

If you are a transgender person living in Leicester and are having difficulties in accessing gender identity services, the LGBT Open Minds IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) clinic in Leicester may be able to help. Since July Open Minds has been able to refer patients directly to the Nottingham gender identity clinic without need for GP approval. The demand for this pathway was identified by transpeople, including service users from the Leicester LGBT Centre, who had encountered barriers to NHS services either because of knowledge gaps among GPs or, in some cases, a cultural resistance to trans identities.

This process has been approved by NHS England and it is possible that the model may be rolled out throughout England. At Leicester LGBT Centre we understand how important it is that transpeople are able to access vital healthcare services without delay. Having worked together with partners in the NHS, De Montfort University and the local voluntary and community sector to develop this innovative pathway, we are proud of our achievements in making a difference to the lives of transpeople living in Leicester.

Our key priority however is to ensure that all transgender patients receive the standard of care they are entitled to expect from their GPs. We are acutely aware that transpeople in Leicestershire and Rutland are experiencing similar barriers and regret that this pathway is not available to them. We will continue to push both the West Leicestershire and the East Leicestershire & Rutland NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to pay more attention to the needs of transgender and LGB patients.

If you are having difficulties in accessing healthcare services or are experiencing prejudice from your GP because of your gender identity and/or sexual orientation, we would like to hear from you. Give us a call on 0116 254 7412 or email and we will see what we an do to help.