Welcome to our new Website! Leicester LGBT Centre has listened to you over the last year. All of your emails, letters, notes and ‘words by mouth’ have been gathered together, sorted through and scrutinised. Over the last 5 years Leicester LGBT Centre has not concentrated on providing you with the most recent information. And for this we are sorry. It has not been our intention to neglect you, the local LGBT communities. Having said that we intend to make a change. Those times when looking at our website was to see ‘old’ news is a thing of the past. The articles will now be current and inviting. And I believe you will find the website a useful tool! Leicester LGBT Centre would like to present to you a new way of looking at the local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. We intend to bring you a bigger, better way of communicating information that you will find valuable, interesting and relevant to your busy lives.

We welcome comments, suggestions and advice on how to make the website more user-friendly. Have a look and let us know your thoughts!