This half day (3 hour) Hate Crime Awareness Session will provide attendees with an understanding of the development of Hate Crime legislation within England and Wales, and the impact Hate Crime, Hate Incidents and other forms of Discrimination have on those that it affects. The session will consider current levels of reporting and the barriers that may stop people seeking help when they are subjected to hostility.

The course will consider the use and impact of current legislation and relevant case history. The courses are designed to draw upon participants’ own experiences and organisational procedures. General themes covered within the session will include:

  • Diversity in the UK

  • Historic context of Hostility and Discrimination in the UK

  • Key Definitions: Hate Incidents, Hate Crimes and Discrimination

  • Legislation including Crime and Disorder Act 1997, Criminal Justice act 2003 and Equality Act 2010

  • Impact on Individuals and communities

  • Under reporting and barriers to reporting

  • Reporting Options

The sessions will provide delegates with and increased understanding of all forms of Hate Crime and improve ability and confidence to effectively support those affected by hostility.


This training session are intended for delivery to up to 20 delegates at your own venue at a Cost of £425 plus travel costs.

For further information and a full proposal contact us through the email address or call us at 0116 2547412